Visual artist
Marstrandgata 11
Oslo, Norway

Champagne or Death (2015)
Play dough, steel plaques, MDF, paint, perspex
5 play dough sculptures with steel plaques on plinths
160 x 52 x 52 cm

The title refers to the Champagne Riots of 1910 and 1911. Because of the particularities of manufacturing Champagne, the production was carried by large Champagne houses, who purchased grapes form individual growers. When crops turned bad, the Champagne houses sought supply from outside the Champagne region, where grapes were cheeper. This left the grape farmers in poverty. Riots occurred throughout the Champagne region, during which the growers supposedly were chanting ”La Champagne ou la Mort!”. This forced negotiations to delineate an Ap- pellation d’Origins Contrôlée to avoid foix Champagne.

Plaque titles:
• A cartoonist considering to insult Islam a bit less to keep a bit more of his privacy
• Circumstances made it so that the Champagne region had the strongest farmer unions, and that’s why champagne is regarded the finest of sparkling wines
• Women enjoying a drink in a speakeasy during the Prohibition
• A parent telling his daughter she can be anything she wants when she grows up
• Thorhild Widvey explaining how a closer partnership between artists and the private sector will benefit the autonomy of art